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Eyeing The Future

Eyeing the future should be in retrospect. Ironic, I know. But here’s my point, we eye the future as a bright one, simply because we should. Seeing our future dark and gloomy won’t help anyway. Our future depends on how we see it, and I? I see it in retrospect.

How? Since I was fourteen, I developed a habit that even then, I knew would help me a lot in the future. Every year end , I would make a list of my goals for the coming year. Other people call that list of New Years Resolution, but I don’t. Just hearing the phrase New Year Resolution is already discouraging since most people ditch their resolutions even before January ends.

Anyway, my list of goals includes the things I want to accomplish and even the things I want to buy or have or give. This year, I even include a certain person I want to meet personally.

The following is my last year’s list which will help me this year.


Setting my goals for 2017 is checking and reflecting in my previous year’s list. My way of seeing my future is by seeing my past. My past list (With the ones I accomplished and those I didn’t) teach me how to do better this year.

Say, the third on my list says about me practice writing. I did join NaNoWriMo and gloriously won but my 2016 Journal has more empty pages than not. And my previous WordPress site  was a total shame. Why did I win NaNoWriMo? Because I forced myself to join. And I’ve been readying myself for the said event long before November. Why, on the other hand, I didn’t fill my journal? I let myself get lazy. Why my site was a shame? I let myself get lazy.

This year I know I’ll still be lazy but I’ll use the THING that helped me with NaNoWriMo-preparedness. After winning the event, I realised, planning is really very important. SO last December, I researched for topics I can use for blogging. I even start outlining my topics so it’ll be easier to blog in the coming days.

See what I did? I reflected. Then I learned not just from my mistakes but from my accomplishments as well. Then I will apply. Determine what made you win, then use it to win the things you’ve lost before.

So I guess, saying that eyeing the future should be in retrospect isn’t ironic anymore.

BY THE WAY, The image above (THE EYE) was drawn by my 15-year-old cousin.  

For the last time: Reflect, Learn, and Apply!!

—LILI 🙂 🙂 🙂


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