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A Piece for My self

Lesson Learned: Always leave something for yourself even if it’s just a single piece.

A poem I’ve written when I was twelve. Luckily, I’ve kept a notebook full of my old poems, but anyway, I remember every word of this particular poem by heart because it was when I wrote this that I realised how, indeed, life is full of heartbreaks.

Note: Don’t judge me, I was only twelve. Any form of criticism is not allowed because you don’t criticise a child of her work. Though I think I was a better poet before than now. Life ruined me and my passion.


I gave another piece,

And I shuddered as he flees.

I am running out

and south.

I ain’t God.

As well not bad.

So I gave one to a friend.

To mom and her husband.

A stranger needed one.

I could’ve just turned.

Granny powdered a couple,

when she pushed us into a fold.

At least two I gave,

to each man I used to love.

One, I still long.

His name, I still moan.

For what is worth,

Of giving but nought-

I got.

Just bitten, beaten.

And forced by the brink.

To every side I will fall.

Foolishly, to a cliff I crawl.

Piece by piece, I gave.

Now empty is my chest,

I worry. Lest,

Nothing to give.

For I have never received.

Dying is my soul,

As I’m about to take the fall.

Almost Naked, half-pent:

To jump I bent.

But stupid hand,

Held some wand.

But no wand at all.

A pen I hold.

So bright

came the light.

I gave a piece to a pen.

A pen I still tend.

Something gave back,

A piece that is red. 

A piece for my self, it gave.

So I wrote a word.

Then another.

The piece,

as time flies.

It’ll grow,

In it’s due.

There’ll be pieces,

Not red ones,

But in black and whites.


As I said earlier, always keep a piece for yourself. Or rather, choose someone, or something, that will surely give back or won’t flee after getting a piece of you. Giving is good, great even, but giving our all and not leaving for ourselves is just wrong. We also need to live as much as every body else around us.

As for me, writing saved me. It was something that I gave my heart into and gave back. It made me realise that I still have something to hold onto.

How about you, what’s keeping you alive. Be sure to give a piece of you to ones that/who matter.


Making Pieces,

























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