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Peculiar Storytellers

We all are. So maybe you won’t believe me. We may not be aware but storytellers dwell within us. We all have stories to tell anyway.

I started writing since I was nine. I used to write poems. They weren’t just poems, they were narrative poems. So even then, though I was too young, I knew I was already telling stories. The problem is no one ever get to read those poems.

My stories were never heard or read. And that makes me sad, even now. It was my fault though. I couldn’t just bring my works to be read by other people. I didn’t have a bit of confident about it. I used to looked upon writers, famous writers, and tell myself, wish I’m as good as they are on telling stories.

And man, do I regret it. I should’ve let other people read my stories so long ago.

I was a child, of course I wasn’t as good as those writers. Now, I’m not a child anymore, and still not as good as they are. But do I just keep my stories hidden? No way. I will tell my stories whenever I want, in any way I want. Because this is my story. Mine.

I’m a writer by heart so maybe that’s why I’m romanticising the idea of everyone as storytellers. And it’s easier for me to say this because my dream is this-to tell stories until the day I die.

How about those other people who have never written a single story in their lives?

I have a confession to make. This post was originally for Taylor Swift. The title would’ve been-TAYLOR SWIFT: A Peculiar Storyteller. But for some reason, I changed my mind. But I’m going to make her an example anyway.

I’m her fan. But I’m one of her most peculiar fan. I don’t like her just because she sings great. I love her because she tells her story. (Plus, she won a National Poem contest when she was fourteen.) Anyway, she’s an award winning singer now. But maybe not everyone will say she’s the best. Guess what, she knows it. But that doesn’t stop her from singing her stories. She’d been bashed too many times for her stories(love stories) but she still does it and nailing it, I might add.

What I’m just trying to say is that you don’t have to be a writer to tell your story. You don’t have to be the best to tell the world who you are. If you can, then sing your stories. If you can paint or draw, then draw them. If you don’t know where you’re good at, just speak. Open your mouth, make a gesture, anything you can do just to let the hidden stories inside your chest get out.

Don’t keep them hidden.

Your story could be the simplest, most boring story you know. But other people might not see it that way. For some people, your story might be the best story they’ll ever know. For some people, your story could be the encouragement they’ve been waiting for. Or the lesson they need to learn.

Your story might be the next bestseller. Or the next blockbuster. You’ll never know. Okay, maybe you don’t want your story to be heard by many. Then tell it to a friend, to a family, to a stranger. But do tell.

Or you can tell it to God. He’s the best listener anyway. He’ll be interested in whatever story you will tell.

I have this habit I’ve been doing for three years now. In my closet there is a small round mirror that I personally put there. Every morning, I would look at my reflection while I talk to God. It’s not really praying. Every morning I would tell God what I want to do and accomplish the whole day. It’s like telling God what story I would want other people to hear from me today.

It’s like telling an editor what story I’m going to write next.

And each evening I would look at that mirror again. This time, I’d tell God what happened the whole day. And usually, they’re different from I told him earlier in the morning. It’s like telling your editor, the flow of the story you’ve written changed course. And nothing is wrong with that.

Maybe the stories you’re keeping inside your head and chest aren’t exactly the ones you’ve ever wanted. Maybe you are embarrassed of those stories. Maybe they are bad stories. Or maybe, they’re simply aren’t great stories.

But I dare you to tell them any way. I dare you to step out of the dark and make yourself known to the world. Stop hiding. Stop thinking that no one will listen or read you story. Stop thinking that no one will ever be interested in you.

I get it. You think you’re not as good as everybody else so your story don’t matter. But you, being different than they are, is what actually matters. We are all different. So in any you want, do share yourself. And that’d make you peculiar. And that’s why, someone, if not the whole world, will listen to your story. Stop listening to the voices in your head that says you don’t have what it takes to be somebody.

You matter. Your story matter.

Do tell your story. Do tell your dreams so someone can help you. Do tell your fears so someone can be there for you. Do tell your embarrassments so you’re not laughing alone (that would be creepy).

I can say that this is not my best blog post. Actually, right now, I feel like I didn’t really make my point clear. I feel like I still have many things to say, because actually there are. I feel like this post was forced and not brilliantly. and I want to apologise for that. I’m not a great writer. I’m not the best at sharing my heart.

But I guess, the good thing is, I shared a piece of me to you. Now it’s your turn to tell me your story. Tell me something, anything. I’m interested.

🙂 🙂 🙂

Just told a story,



3 thoughts on “Peculiar Storytellers”

  1. It’s hard if you are gonna start something by own. I know and understand. Even I’ve failed. Doesn’t matter. Appreciate your efforts. And trust your heart. With all of these, I suppose, writing is your passion, right? Correct me if I’m wrong. Follow your passion. Just keep writing. Don’t give up. Never, never and never. Setbacks will be there. But, it’s not about the success, it’s about the journey. What you become in the process, defines you.
    Keep doing it.
    Wish you have a great future(my wish will not work until you work).


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