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The Power of a Thread

For dressmakers, a thread seems useful enough, but for others like us, it seems not beneficial at all. Last week I was reading Jane Eyre and the word thread was mentioned many times at the first quarter of the book. It reminded me of a certain idiom that mentioned a thread.

How can one possible hang by a thread? It doesn’t make sense, right? But I realized, hanging by a thread is not what matters, it’s what we do while hanging by a thread that matters. As dreamers, we are always hanging by a thread. And failure seems to be one of our closest acquaintances.

But here’s what I think, as long as we hang onto that thread and do something about it, we won’t fail. I know, what can a mere thread does. And it’s an idiom anyway. That particular idiom actually means a failure or a loss is likely to happen. It’s almost hopeless. Almost.  It means, holding onto something so small, that might as well nothing.

Fine, a thread is small, but IT IS THERE. We can’t deny the fact that we are holding onto something. We haven’t fell yet. We aren’t on the ground yet. And maybe we can’t use the thread for climbing again, but we can hold onto it until we find something useful for climbing.

A thread gives us hope. It’s small but it is there. It sure helps us to believe that even the smallest thing can be useful. Even the tiniest rope ever made on earth can save us from falling directly to the ground. I learned to call my failures as setbacks. Every time I fall, I don’t really fall flat to the ground. I learned how to hang onto that tiny rope. I fall yes, an inch or maybe a yard long, but I don’t let myself fall as far as the ground.

A rope is always available for every dreamer alive. The problem is most people don’t see it, sometimes, they’re simply oblivious about it. And another thing, which I find the saddest among all, there are people who find that thread, but they’re not determined enough to hang onto it. They let go of that thread.

Hang on. Keep holding on. As long as we have that thread in our grip, anything can happen. Even impossible things can happen, you know. The thing is we’re too busy looking at huge things and what they can do, that we often miss what small things can do.

When we’re at our lowest, we run out of possibilities that’s why most of us just give up. But what if there’s a small possibility? Would we grab it? Of course we will. Now let me say one thing about a thread- it can go through an eye of the needle. No rope can ever go through the eye of a needle except for a thread. That tiny, little thing that seems useless to us can go through the smallest hole on earth.

What does it teach me? Hanging by a thread actually means having a little hope and holding onto that hope that I can go through anything. Even if the possibility is small, I’ll get through it. Because most often, the only way to get over an unfortunate situation is through it.


Now that I think of it, maybe I can write about small things and what they can do. Maybe next time. For now, let’s all hold onto a thread. It’s hard to find because it’s usually small but it’s there- keep looking. And to those who already found something to hold onto, tighten you’re grip and believe.


Hanging by a thread;











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