Fall or Call

Yep, that’s me in the photos above. They were taken months ago, while I was trying to make a book spiral. If you’re on bookstagram, you might know that bookish people do ridiculous, sometimes weird, things with books and take photos to post. Anyway, making a book spiral was of them, and boy is it hard. Obviously, I didn’t succeed doing it, I ended up making a plain book tower and taking selfies.

But as I try making them, I had the opportunity to think about falling. Yeah, trust me for always taking a different meaning to anything whenever I get a chance. Always try to learn something great even from small things. Always look for THE valuable even from the nonsense things. Anyway, let me talk about falling.

We all have the tendency to fall. At some point in our lives, we all be in a place where we can’t take it anymore. The burdens are too heavy for us to bear. The challenges are to hard to go through. The battles are too fierce for us to win. So we fall. We fail. We let weariness and worriness get the better of us. We let go. We stop fighting and let gravity win us over.

These past months, I often find myself at the verge of falling. And sometimes I wake up, already on the ground. BY THE WAY, it’s something to ponder: Sometimes we sleep and wake up to find we already fell. But I’m not gonna talk about sleeping right now, sorry, I got easily distracted. And that’s another lesson. hehehe.

Okay, onto FALLING!!! Falling is inevitable, really. No matter what other people say, we all fall. No matter how faithful you are, how prayerful you are , we still find ourselves falling. Sometimes, we do everything we can. We give everything we have. Still, it seems not enough. Because, as we know, there is this battle between evil and good that seems endless. Not because God isn’t stronger than the evil, but because the evil is so persistent.

It just never stop. So if the evil is THAT persistent, why shouldn’t we? If the devil doesn’t know how to stop… Well, I don’t know too. See the devil is alone, I am not. And that was we often forget when we’re on the verge of falling: we are not alone. And so, someone is there to catch us. someone is there to take our hand, or hands, and lift us up.

You know what’s other thing we often forget? TO CALL. I did say, falling is inevitable, but I never said, we all must end to the ground. If only we know how to call, we won’t reach the ground. We don’t necessarily be lying in the ground before we remember to call to God. In the King James Version of Jude 1:24;

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy,

There is someone who is ABLE to lift us up. There is someone whose hand is always ready to grip ours and raise us up. There is someone whose arms are always available to catch us, keeping us from falling directly on the ground.

Maybe, you’re on the verge of falling now, or maybe you are already falling, but CALL now, while you still haven’t reached the ground. Call now, for the ground is hard and you’ll never be sure if you’ll survive the fall. Falling is letting the enemy wins so…


Maybe it is easy to just let gravity takes over when we’re too tired. Just fall and make every struggle stop. But,


Maybe you made a mistake of falling. You’re now on the ground, flat and dusty. Or maybe even paralyzed. You see you don’t need a bone to call. Just your voice. Fell or still falling, Call anyway. And surely He will come.

Thank you for reading… :)

Remember: God loves you and always ready to rescue you no matter where you are, whatever you did. He loves you.


Oh by the way, if you guys want to, follow me on bookstagram (which is actually just an instagram account where a bookish person as myself post bookish photos), here’s my bookstagram accoun and my persona Insta account:

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