31 Days with Proverbs #10 – Habits

Happy Tuesday,

2017-11-22-07-58-25I was had an episode of anxiety last night I thought I’d have a problem reading the bible today. Plus depression is trying to hold me down again. I woke up still okay but better than last night.

And God is good. It’s Day 10 and I don’t want to miss a day of posting. And though I’m not yet hundred percent okay, I still read the bible.

Habits. That’s what God told me about today. Chapter 10 actually talks about some of Solomon’s proverbs and I almost title this one with ‘Lessons’ but someone whispered Habits. And reading the chapter again made me realize it was about habits too. It’s not just about doing the proverbs or doing the lessons stated in this chapter but doing them continually. Because it states the results of doing go or even doing bad.

Though it didn’t state it literally, it sure implied it – making the proverbs your habit. Example:

Hatred stirs up strife: but love covers all sins.”

Proverbs 10:12

See, we don;’t love just one more time, we make it a habit to love, or hate, all the time to reap what it produces. πŸ™‚

It is also what also kept me not missing a day today. This is what made me still read the bible even if it’s not easy while dealing with depression or anxiety. A habit is hard to break so even if you don’t feel doing it, something in you still push you to do it,..

That’s it for today. I ask for prayers, by the way. Just clearer mind and calmer heart. :

God Bless you all.

—-Lili Marcus. πŸ™‚



One thought on “31 Days with Proverbs #10 – Habits

  1. Praying that God lifts any feelings of anxiety or depression and restores to you joy, hope, and peace. May His love and protection surround you and I pray for His blessing and favour over every area of your life in the days to come. Amen πŸ™πŸ»


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