Facts (crazy ones) About Lili

    • Books are her treasure. She doesn’t let anyone touches her books. But hey, other people’s treasure is money, and nobody lets anybody touches their money, unless really needed.
    • Words are her passion (pretty much obvious with this site’s name).
    • She’s a dork.
    • She likes her potato chips in her burger.
    • When eating pizza, she uses knife and fork.
    • Seafood? Ahm, still figuring why people eat them.
    • Chocolate (and some other sweets) don’t fancy her.
    • Insomniac since a kid, she decided to just convert into a full nocturnal creature.
    • Vanity? She never gets out of the house with her nails uncoloured.
    • She loves shades, not actually colors. Gray, black, white are almost the color of her wardrobe.
    • Oh, by the way, she turned a part of her closet into a writing place slash reading nook slash study table. She’s a closet introvert (if you know what that means)
    •  Most importantly, she’s a Christian. Despite all her usual rants, frank and vulgar words (aka honesty), she has a huge heart. I’m probably being biased but that’s true.
    • She smiles a lot, laughs a lot,  jokes a lot.
    • She’s a full-time writer though she has some side-jobs too. For many, she’s a life and love adviser. She can help you if you need advises, one thing she can’t do for herself.
    • There are times that she finds it easier to just smile, rather than explain why she’s sad. So she’s a pretender too-her hardest job.
    • Knowing is better than guessing. She believes that.
    • She wants an adventure but she always plans anyway. Surprises don’t make her smile often. I guess, this means, she’s a coward. Because how come she doesn’t want surprise and yet loves adventure.
    • Figuring what to say and where to say it matters to her. Though she’s really honest whenever speaking, she has emotions too and truly understands that other people have emotions too. They get hurt too.
    • And hurt, she is too familiar.
    • She tried to kill herself before and thinks of suicide almost on daily basis.


  • She cries a lot, in here closet/writing space/reading nook.
  • foolish that she is, believing that God is her only friend. That’s not true anyway, and she knows it, but she believes the lie anyway.
  • She’s smart, well, if you look beyond her craziness.
  • Beautiful, said some, but many has made her feel the opposite. Nonetheless, she tries to declare every morning this: I am Beautiful today because I felt ugly before. It’s her way of forcing herself to accept her for who she is.

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