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Faith smaller than a mustard seed: An Open Letter to God.

My Lord, Hi. Actually, I don't know what to say, or perhaps I'm not sure HOW to say it. Remember when I told you I want out? I was serious that time. I still want to be out, you know. It's because I'm tired of feeling hurt and ignored. I'm tired of disappointments. Not just… Continue reading Faith smaller than a mustard seed: An Open Letter to God.

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Slow Down

Life is a race, I was told. So naturally, I have to run. Not just to win but at least, to stay in the race. And I’m still in the race. The thing is, I wish that the one who told me life is a race, could’ve been more specific. Because if life indeed is… Continue reading Slow Down


Interesting Reads of 2016

I've read 153 books last year and my list can be found in Goodreads. I've always enjoyed reading and love every single book in my shelves(or in any bookstore and library). But there are always books which seem more enjoyable than the others. Books that really touched me in a little higher level. So I… Continue reading Interesting Reads of 2016


Daily Prompt: Hopeful

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful The Road to Success is often longer than we expected. But we walk the road anyway for the longer that road is, the harder it is, the more meaningful it is to go for that walk. 2016 was my best year so far. Not because every day was filled with smiles… Continue reading Daily Prompt: Hopeful