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Our Favorite Scars

Turn your scars into stars.—–Robert H. Schuller We've all been wounded. In fact, every day, we get wounds. And a big wound or not, deep or not, eventually it will become a scar. Personally, I hate scars. I guess, most women do. But earlier, my right knee caught my eyes and made me smile. Why?… Continue reading Our Favorite Scars

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The Power of a Thread

For dressmakers, a thread seems useful enough, but for others like us, it seems not beneficial at all. Last week I was reading Jane Eyre and the word thread was mentioned many times at the first quarter of the book. It reminded me of a certain idiom that mentioned a thread. How can one possible hang by… Continue reading The Power of a Thread

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Spilled Coffee

What do we do when we spilled our coffee? I know, it should be spilled milk. But I don't drink milk so I'm just gonna go with coffee since it has been my companion since I was a little kid. And I am too familiar with coffee stain and it has, somehow, got to do… Continue reading Spilled Coffee

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Peculiar Storytellers

We all are. So maybe you won't believe me. We may not be aware but storytellers dwell within us. We all have stories to tell anyway. I started writing since I was nine. I used to write poems. They weren't just poems, they were narrative poems. So even then, though I was too young, I… Continue reading Peculiar Storytellers

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A Piece for My self

Lesson Learned: Always leave something for yourself even if it's just a single piece. A poem I've written when I was twelve. Luckily, I've kept a notebook full of my old poems, but anyway, I remember every word of this particular poem by heart because it was when I wrote this that I realised how, indeed,… Continue reading A Piece for My self

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Slow Down

Life is a race, I was told. So naturally, I have to run. Not just to win but at least, to stay in the race. And I’m still in the race. The thing is, I wish that the one who told me life is a race, could’ve been more specific. Because if life indeed is… Continue reading Slow Down

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An Open Letter from a Suicidal Girl Who Decided to Live

A letter I am dying to share ever since it was written. I thought of just posting a photograph of the actual letter or scan it so I don't have to type what's written in it. But I thought it would be a great experience to re-live each word as I type. So here it is: Hi,… Continue reading An Open Letter from a Suicidal Girl Who Decided to Live

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Kadima (Forward)

Getting up after a fall is just so hard. But we try getting up anyway. The problem is, not everyone succeeds on getting up. Like I said at my post Try Again, trying is tiring. Some grew tired trying to get up and sadly, they just remain where they fall. 😦 Good news is, there… Continue reading Kadima (Forward)

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Try Again

TRYING is TIRING. Even the phrase 'Try and try until you succeed'  becomes tiring too. Why? Because it's getting old. Truth be told, I wouldn't have made this post if not with Pastor Jentezen Franklin whose preaching Launch into the deep inspired me a lot. 5 Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say… Continue reading Try Again

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Eyeing The Future

Eyeing the future should be in retrospect. Ironic, I know. But here's my point, we eye the future as a bright one, simply because we should. Seeing our future dark and gloomy won't help anyway. Our future depends on how we see it, and I? I see it in retrospect. How? Since I was fourteen,… Continue reading Eyeing The Future