How To Fall In Love by Cecelia Ahern: A Review

How to Fall in LoveHow to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve been reading Ahern’s works since forever and I love her novels because they’re all heartwarming and easy reads. This one isn’t different from all her works. I enjoyed it as much as I did with the others.

The heroine, CHRISTINE is obviously has some issues. Her obsessions with Self-help books shows that she isn’t happy or contented with her life. And more importantly she needs help. She is looking for something(not gonna tell you what). But when she accidentally witnessed a guy who committed a suicide, she became more aware of her self-her problems and the things that she must do. One of those things is to get out of her marriage.

But her husband just can’t get over their sudden separation and kept on pestering her. Christine’s life took a little turn when she, once again, witnessed another guy,ADAM, trying to kill himself. Not wanting to commit the same mistake she did with the previous suicidal guy, she did everything to convince the guy not to do it.

She succeeded and since that day, Adam and Christine were inseparable. Christine, with the help of her self-help books, teaches Adam to love life again, including getting back his ex. And Adam, he still has his issues. He’s depressed but little by little, his improvement is obvious and I remember being glad the way he boomed in the story.

My only slight problem is that I wish the book is longer and I want a more-definite ending. I want to see Adam really into counselling with a real Psychologist. I want to see both of them being sweet to each other because they’re lovers already. It was a happy ending but I want a longer version of the story.

I read this one as I was having a break from writing and it turned out I picked the right book. I needed an easy, loving, heartwarming story. This one is all of those. Though it talks about suicide, it is still an easy read. Not depressing at all.

Thumbs up for Ahern.:) 🙂 🙂

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2017 Reading Challenge

Reading is part of a writer’s job description so I’m going to take my reading addiction into a new level. I browsed for reading challenges that can be my guide what to read this year except for new releases. And I chose these five challenges. No particular reasons why these five.

I know I’m being too overconfident but hey, setting a long reading list isn’t a crime. It’s like setting my New year Resolutions only I’m sure I can take everything on my list. While New Years resolutions are seldom ditch even before January ends. LOL!!!

  1.  Goodreads 2017 Reading Challenge

This is self-challenge so this must be easy. Goodreads won’t give a list or a particular number of what the challenger should read. The challenger decides how many and what books to read. I just joined Goodreads last year and challenged myself to read 150 books and by the end of the year, I read 154. Now I’m going for 200 books.

Check out the list of books I read for last year Goodreads Reading Challenge plus my book reviews here!!!


I joined this challenge last year but failed. Maybe because I don’t want some of the genres included in the list. Or maybe I was just so lazy finding the books that suits the each category. Or maybe it’s because I learned about the challenge late. Whatever‼ But I’m gonna finish this one this year and no one’s stopping me.

  1. The WeAre Teachers 2017 Reading Challenge

I just learned about this one. I don’t think this challenge is just for teachers though there are at least a couple of categories that has something to with teachers and students. Maybe I’ll just cheat with the said categories though I still have no idea how.

  1.  The 2017 Christian Reading Challenge

Instead of directing the challenger to the categories, they divided them in four series. And I think that’s genius. I ‘m definitely going to finish this one since they already arranged the categories from easy to hard.

  1.  The Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge

They provided two lists of challenges and the challenger can choose to take just one. But I’m gonna take both lists anyway.

There you have it guys. Wish me luck and join me if you have time.

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Happy Reading from Lili.

🙂 🙂 🙂